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Salem Heights
Elementary School

3495 Liberty Road S
Salem, OR 97302

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7:00 AM – 3:30 PM

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Salem Heights School Details

  • Salem Heights Elementary School has a long-standing tradition of strong community and parent involvement, a richly diverse student population, a warm and welcoming school climate, with an emphasis on high academic standards and student performance. Our teaching staff is highly qualified and experienced.
  • Our school is also the center site for the deaf and hard of hearing program and serves students, K-5, in Salem-Keizer and throughout the surrounding community. Our academic program offers rigorous curriculum in the areas of reading, math, science and social studies with a special emphasis on writing.
  • Students also participate in physical education, music classes, computer lab, and media classes. Services for the Talented and Gifted students are provided within the context of the classroom curriculum challenging students to perform to their greatest potential. Also, during the school day eligible students can receive Special Education Services according to individual educational plans.
  • Salem Heights is a certified Oregon Green School, for outstanding efforts in waste reduction and recycling. Salem Heights School is truly an exceptional learning environment!
Salem Heights Racoon

Our Vision: All students graduate and are prepared for a successful life.


School Colors

Red, Black & Grey

School Mascot


Hugger Raccoon