Dear Rascal Families,


Throughout the last couple of weeks, we have received some questions that have a common theme.  I would like to take a moment to answer them in the form of Frequently Asked Questions.  Hopefully these answers will clear up some things for you.  As always, feel free to reach out to your child’s teacher or me if you have additional questions.

~Mrs. Theis


Distance Learning Frequently Asked Questions


What are the expectations for teachers right now?

This is a great question because it is so complex!  Staff are providing instruction in different ways in accordance with guidelines for the Oregon Department of Education.

  1. Teacher-led instruction (where teacher decides what the students should be doing)
    1. Google Meets
    2. Assignments that teacher asks students to do outside the Google Meets times
    3. Has a maximum allowed timeframe for each day
      1. Grades K-1 maximum of 45 minutes
      2. Grades 2-3 maximum of 60 minutes
  • Grades 4-5 maximum of 90 minutes
  1. Supplemental (optional) activities (family decides what the students should be doing)
    1. Teachers provide ideas for optional activities
    2. These ideas are only suggestions
    3. Oregon Department of Education has given a suggested amount of time
      1. Grades K-1 is 1-2 hours
      2. Grades 2-3 is 2 hours
  • Grades 4-5 is up to 2-3 hours


My student is in First Grade.  Is she really only learning for 45 minutes each day?

That is the maximum amount of time that teachers can require a first grader to work in the day.  Any time outside of that 45 minutes is directed by the family.  These guidelines were set to honor the different situations families throughout our community are in.  Some families are able to support more learning activities, and some are not.  Some families have their own ideas for optional activities, some do not.  We leave it to our families to determine what works best for them and their situations.


I cannot/do not want to access the online teaching.

Many families are not able to routinely access the online instruction or chose not to.  That is fine!  There are district-created packets available at each meal delivery site.  These packets address the same standards the teachers are covering in their online instruction.  **Note, the packets will NOT mirror the exact materials teachers are using.  They WILL address the same standards but might do it using different stories, practice pages, etc.  This is because the packets are mass-produced for the entire district and not teacher specific.


Will my student have to repeat their grade level next year?

No.  Everyone is in the same position this year.  The district is working on how teaching will need to change at the beginning of next school year in order to address the needs of students based on this unprecedented event.


How can I get help with the technology?

SKPS has a Public Technology Helpline.  Please give them a call at 971-373-6114.


How will distance learning be graded?

Progress reports for this third grading period will be based on the Review and Power Standards covered during distance learning.  One of three marks will be given for these standards: Sufficient Progress, Incomplete, or Not Taught.

  • Sufficient Progress: A student has demonstrated sufficient progress by meeting at least one of the four criteria below
    • Participated in synchronous learning related to the standard
    • Participated in asynchronous learning related to the standard
    • Conferenced with student and confirmed completion of activity related to the standard
    • Conferenced with parent and confirmed completion of activity related to the standard
  • Incomplete: None of the criteria for Sufficient Progress met
  • Not Taught: Standard not taught for any reason