Hello Families!


Holidays at the Capitol

Thursday, December 17th from 8am-5pm

Live streaming at this LINK


Last year, Salem Heights and Morningside performed at the “Holidays at the Capitol” event. Thanks to modern technology, that performance will be live streaming THIS year, Thursday December 17th! The performance will be playing on loop throughout the day, beginning at 8am and ending at 5pm. The Morningside/Salem Heights Choir is the 5th performance of the loop. (Schedules show “Salem Heights Elementary” but it is the combined Morningside/Salem Heights performance.) This is the LINK. Enjoy!


Serianna Rosberg

Elementary Music and Choir

Morningside and Salem Heights


To send light into the darkness of men’s hearts, 

such is the duty of the artist. 

~ Robert Shumann