Our school is currently working toward earning a Sundae Funday! Here’s how it works:

Every time one of our staff catches a student “Showing Their PAWS” behavior they will receive a “PAWS” Ticket:

“PAWS” stands for:

P: Practicing Responsibility

A: Achieving Greatness

W: With Respect

S: Showing Self Control


Throughout the year our students work as a team to collect enough tickets to earn “Rascal Rewards”. These are special events everyone gets to take part in, celebrating how hard our students have worked to make our school a better place. Some examples from last year include “SharkFest”, “Hawaiian Day”, and, like this year “Sundae Funday”. Our current goal is 6000 tickets, and we are currently on track to earn it by mid February!


You can get involved by asking your child about any tickets they received that day and what they did to earn them. You can also track our progress with your child on the bulletin board right outside the office door. Every cone with an ice cream scoop represents 200 PAWS Tickets, when they are all full it’s Sundae Funday time!!

At Sundae Funday your child will visit our cafeteria with their class for a delicious scoop of ice cream and a visit to one of our many toppings stations!! We work to accommodate all food sensitivities we are aware of at this event, but please let us know if you have any concerns. We are all looking forward to celebrating Sundae Funday with your student!