As with everything COVID, getting a substitute teacher is much harder than is once was. Because of the specialized skills needed to effectively teach online, our pool of substitutes is much smaller than it usually is. This means that the district is not able to provide substitutes for teacher absences of less than 3 days. During short-term teacher absences the school day will look a little different for your student.

One of our staff members will be there in the morning to start class at their normal time, and to let the students know the plan for the day, but after that instruction will not be synchronous until we check back in on Zoom at 1:00pm to see how students are doing. Each of our teachers has prepared a set of pre-recorded lessons and/or independent activities to fill days when they are unable to teach. Students will be shown how to locate these and which to work on for that day.

Because we know that keeping track of time can be difficult when not “in” their Zoom classes, PE and Music will be optional on days the teacher is out. If they would like to participate, students can log back in to Zoom at the appropriate time and the PE or Music teacher will let them in.